What is a Cornet?

The Cornet is a brass instrument with a long, rich history. While they are a close cousin of the trumpet, a Cornet has a little warmer, more intimate sound. Cornets can usually be interchangable in concert or jazz bands. They play in the same key. Some of the great players, like Herbert L. Clark were known for their great technical cornet playing. 
There is a fascinating story about Cornets from the old days. Apparently, back in the the early 1900's trumpets were considered somewhat of a new fad, and not thought so highly of by the cornet virtuosos of the day. Herbert L. Clark reportedly said that the trumpet and jazz were instruments of the devil, and would never catch on. Sigh, I'm glad Clark's prediction did not hold true, or this might be called, CornetSearch, instead of TrumpetSearch! Besides the classical era, Cornets also became the favorite of jazz players like Bix Beiderbecke and Bobby Hackett.  To the trumpet player, the cornet may feel as though it has a little more resistance to it. This can be entirely controlled by the mouthpiece. Not only do cornets use a shorter mouthpiece, but the bore and shape that works best on the trumpet, isn't always what is best for the cornet. You may have to experiment with a more open mouthpiece to get that full, open cornet sound. 

Many of the Trumpet brand pages will also display some of the popular cornets from the era. For example, if you are searching for a 1950's Cornet, you might want to explore the Trumpet from the 1950's page. Rare trumpets and cornets can be found together under the Used Trumpets by Year section. You can also type, Cornet, into the search box to pull up results. Experimenting with different search types, might make it easier to find the cornet you are looking for. The most important thing you should do is check back each day. Cornets are extremely popular collector's items and the inventory on eBay changes rather quickly.

Cornet Case
Cornet Case
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Conn director cornet
Conn director cornet
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elkhart Conn "Connquest" short model cornet
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1977 Olds ambassador cornet.
1977 Olds ambassador cornet.
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yamaha ycr2330 series II cornet with hard case
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Tromba Plastic Bb Cornet - Black Lacquered With Case TC1-1BLACK (Display)
Tromba Plastic Bb Cornet - Black Lacquered With Case TC1-1BLACK (Display)
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Getzen Capri Cornet USED/AS-IS Condition
Getzen Capri Cornet USED/AS-IS Condition
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 1930's F E olds cornet
1930's F E olds cornet
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Vintage Conn Cornet With Hard Case
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4 thoughts on “Cornet

  1. Just discovered your site. Awesome!
    I have a “vintage (?)” Olds Mendez Cornet my parents got me when I was in my early teens. I have pulled it out of the closet to mess around with and play again. I have a Bach Stradivarius silver trumpet ( bought new in the 80’s) that I play in college band and jazz band. (I’m now 66 and having a great time playing)
    Back to Olds: mine is in awesome shape, serial #379297, with first and third slide triggers. It sounds soon mellow!
    And it’s not for sale….because I like it a lot…Still.
    So now I am looking at some older, used flugelhorn with intentions to buy one to play in jazz.
    So just having found your site I just wanted to chime in with congrats and will be spending some time looking around.
    Gary Norgan in Hemet , CA

    • Hi, Gary:
      Thanks for the nice comments. I also have a silver Bach Strad that my Dad purchased for me while I was in college at North Texas State in Denton. I’m guessing it was around 1981. Also, I have my Dad’s old Conn Vocabell sitting in my closet. Neither one of us have played in quite some time, sadly. Would love to have a Flugel again, myself. Totally regret selling my Getzen Eterna back in college for way too little money.
      Someone got a sweet deal.

  2. On your list of great trumpet players you do not have my brother Mel Broiles . Of course he played for the Met in New York , Goldman Band , the Army Band at West Point and all over the world.

    • That is a great one for me to put on the page. Mel Broiles is my kind of player. Great technique and played with lots of flair and fire. No disrespect to Mel, there are a lot of great players missing from my page. I just realized the other day that I don’t have Rafael Mendez on here either. I will get them added as I have time. Thanks for the reminder.

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