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Famous Trumpet Players Recordings


Famous Trumpet Players Recordings

famous trumpet playersFind and listen to famous Trumpet players Songs and Trumpet Solos of your favorite artists. Download Trumpet MP3s or enjoy sampling and listening to your favorite trumpet recordings while you shop for trumpets online. Find your favorite artists: Doc Severinsen, Maynard Ferguson, Al Hirt, Arturo Sandoval, Wayen Bergeron, Maurice Andre, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard and more.

All of us who ever played the horn were inspired by the Famous Trumpet Players of our day. For me, it started with Harry James. I listened to my Dad's old Harry James recordings of The Brave Bulls and Carnival Venice until the old 33RPM record was shot. I then got excited about Louis Armstrong, Al Hirt and Doc Severinsen - then along came Maynard Ferguson. I was hooked forever by Maynard's incredible range, technique and exciting style. As I got older my tastes tamed a little bit as I learned to appreciate the sophistication, styling and musicianship of guys like Chet Baker, Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard. I also loved the classical players like Maurice Andre and Rafael Mendez. Today's trumpet players; Arturo Sandoval, Wynton Marsalis and Wayne Bergeron remind me how much I still get inspired by the famous trumpet players of our time. It is amazing to think about the generations of music created by the world's most famous trumpet players.  As you sample some of these styles and recordings, imagine what things were like back in the day when these trend-setters established a new way of thinking about what a trumpet should sound like. It's about more than just technique, these guys became the most famous trumpet players in the world because they created a certain sound and image for the trumpet. Whether famous players from the past or present, the trumpet players on this list will never be forgotten.

Who is the Greatest Trumpet Performer?

If there is one thing I've learned from my friends who are in the trumpet profession it is to never argue that one great trumpet performer is better than another great trumpet performer. I have my favorites of course, but professional musicians get offended when you compare them in this manner. Suffice it to say, we all have our favorites. I think there are unquestionably a few players who have diversity and technique that stands out among all the rest aside from style and personal taste, but that's just me.

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