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Doc Severinsen is one of the best!

Doc Severinsen Famous Recordings

Doc SeverinsenDoc Severinsen may be the most polished trumpet player there ever was. His technique and sound are flawless. Doc plays all types of music from jazz, commercial, rock to classical, and he sounds great on all of them. To me, Doc's trumpet trademark is his beautiful warm tone that rings, but never never wavers whether he's playing a ballad, fast double tongued trumpet polka or the bold, Virgen De La Macarena. If I were to have to choose just one and only one trumpet player for a young, beginning trumpet student to listen to, it would be Doc. Listen to some of these Doc Severinsen Trumpet MP3s and you'll see what I mean.

Doc's Amazing Rendition of MaCarthur Park

This ranks right up there as some of the very best trumpet playing I've ever heard. What is most astounding about Doc is the way he fearlessly takes on incredibly technical passages, yet plays them absolutely perfect, polished and with his same beautiful tone.

Doc Severinsen is probably the most polished trumpet technician that ever played. His tone, articulation, and technique are impeccable. He has a bold, majestic and fiery tone that adds sheer brilliance to everything he plays. Doc can play any piece of music that is put in front of him. Classical, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Progressive Rock, Alternative. Doc has played it all and has a mastery and tremendous musicianship that has complimented his trumpet playing throughout the last several decades. Doc is truly an outstanding musician and one of the greatest trumpet players that ever lived. Doc, of course, is most famous for his time with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show Orchestra. Because of his celebrity status in the 70's - 90's, I don't think enough people realize how great of a trumpet player he is.

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