James Morrison one of the Greatest Trumpet Players ever

James MorrisonJames Morrison is not only one of the most remarkable trumpet players you'll ever here, but he is one of the best musicians on the planet. James Morrison plays about a dozen other instruments besides trumpet and he plays them all very well. The list includes Trombone, Double Bass, Piano, Saxophone and many others. As a trumpet player, Morrison is one of the most versatile players I've ever listened to. He can make the horn sound like just about anybody; Miles, Dizzy, Maynard, Clark Terry. It is amazing to listen to Mr. Morrison go from one style or tonality to the next. He can play cool jazz in a small combo setting or quartet, or he can generate great big band excitement. James Morrison's musicianship really stands-out when he improvises. He is very creative, innovative, and technically proficient in everything he does.

If you have any questions about Morrison's musicianship there are a number of tremendous YouTube videos of him showing off his tremendous talents. Check this clip out of Morrison playing both the piano and trumpet at the same time.

James Morrison Plays Basin Street Blues on Piano and Trumpet

One thing that really stands out about Morrison's trumpet playing is his technique and articulation. He can really make the horn sizzle. Here is one in many examples of the tremendous excitement that James Morrison creates with a big band.

James Morrison Making the Horn Swing

James Morrison not only has uncanny technique, but he has tremendous range. If you are a Ferguson or Sandoval fan and love the high notes, you will definitely enjoy the great mastery of the horn that Morrison exhibits from pedal tones to well above double-c. And, he does it all so musically, making you wonder if he possesses some type of magical horn. James Morrison's musicianship truly is magic.

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