Maynard Ferguson MP3

Maynard Ferguson is my all time favorite trumpet player. These MP3 Clips remind us all how brilliant and bold his trumpet playing was. The sound of Maynard will live in the hearts of trumpet players forever. Since Maynard's passing, a great deal of previously unreleased music of his has been published. Check out the Lost Tapes Volume I and II. There are so many great Maynard Ferguson Recordings that it's hard to limit these selections to just a few. Also, since Maynard became so well known for pop and commercial in the late 70's, people forget what a tremendous Jazz Soloist he was, both on trumpet and trombone. For a sample of his phenomenal technique, check out the track, Ole. For a sample of Maynard's beautiful, bold and full sound, make sure to listen to his rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Waters.


Maynard Live Recordings

Great Guns

A number of trumpet players, musicians and fans don't realize that Maynard was more than just a high note screamer. This recording illustrates his musicianship on three different instruments.

Ol' Man River

Unfortunately, the quality of the recording is very poor, but this will give you an idea of Maynard's great musicianship. If you can get your hands on the professionally cut, stereo recording from Roulette or Mosaic records, this is a must-have!