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Rare TrumpetsConn New Wonder, Conn Connstellation, Olds Super, Old Super Recording, H.N White, Martin Committee , Buescher are just a few of the famous rare horns you will find on sale. Check back often as deals on rare trumpet models are continuously changing.There is a rare trumpet for sale with your name on it. Visit the categories in this Rare Trumpets page frequently for the latest changes in the auctions.

Demand for Vintage and Rare Trumpets

The demand for rare trumpets is a niche market that gives trumpet players a whole new purpose for searching eBay. Many famous trumpet players of today actually prefer the way older trumpets were made and the way they sound. I think perhaps the most important factors in making these old instruments so valuable is that they were played by famous trumpet players of previous generations. For example, back in the 50's and 60's, Maynard Ferguson played the Martin Committee and Conn Connstellation trumpets. Miles Davis also played a Martin Committee, yet could he and Maynard possibly have sounded more different and unique in their sounds and approach? Wanna know who plays a Martin Committee today? Chris Botti, and probably with a sound more like Miles than Maynard. Here are just a few examples of famous trumpets of the past and what brand trumpets they played:

Trumpets played by Legends

This list, of course, is only a handful of rare trumpets played by some of the very biggest trumpet stars from the past. By searching the eBay auctions you are likely to gain some very interesting information and history on many other trumpet greats and the horns they played. I am no historian, myself, about trumpet history. If you would like to learn more about your own horn, the best thing to do is leave comments below about your brand, model, serial number, year, and any other information you have. I will be glad to post all comments related to trumpets.

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    • Hi Dave,
      I have a Keilwert ‘The New King’ Keilwert s.n.1282 lacquered Bb trumpet and am curious about it’s rarity and playability.

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