Rare Trumpets


Rare Trumpet For Sale

Conn Victor, Connstellation, Olds Supers, Old Recordings, H.N White, Martin Committee are just a few of the famous rare horns you will find on sale. Check back often as deals on rare trumpet models are continuously changing.There is a rare trumpet for sale with your name on it. Visit the Rare Trumpets page frequently for the latest changes in the auctions.

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  4 Responses to “Rare Trumpets”

  1. Any chance to find a Julius Keilwerth ToneKing De Luxe 1965 Black Nickel Plating.

    • Hi Dave,
      I have a Keilwert ‘The New King’ Keilwert s.n.1282 lacquered Bb trumpet and am curious about it’s rarity and playability.

  2. waterloo standard trumpets ?

  3. The serial number is 118063 cant seem to find any history on this instrument

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