Serial Numbers

Trumpet Serial Numbers

Trumpet Serial Numbers

Easily learn the age of your horn by using our quick links serial numbers resource guide. makes no claim for the exact accuracy in these links. We recommend cross referencing other websites to verify your results. Find your Trumpet Serial number by researching the following links.

Questions about your Trumpet?

This page is also used as a forum for helping others identify their trumpets. If you would like to ask about your trumpet, simply leave a comment below. I will approve all comments within 24 hours.

Trumpet Serial Numbers by Brand


Need Help Identifying your Trumpet?

If you landed on the Trumpet Serial Number it probably means you are looking for information, age, and value of your trumpet or horn. Join the club. As you can see there are quiet a few comments and unanswered questions. Before we can truly make this page a valuable source of trumpet history and information, we will need really strong participation.

The best way I know of getting information on your horn, serial number, age, value, etc., is to post some information here in the comments section. I would be glad to post links as they are pointed out to me, but what I would really like to see is for this page to become a forum for questions and answers on trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, and other varieties of horns. I cannot promise immediate results, but it certainly doesn't hurt to share your horn, situation, and serial number with others who visit this page.

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80 thoughts on “Serial Numbers

  1. I have a Jupiter trumpet with a number of L68439. Could you tell me the year of manufacture and the retail selling price.

  2. I have a Martin horn of craft Dansant Elkhart Indiana s/n83642 it is silver not brass and has M opposite side of s/n it is in above average condition does anyone have any info that would help me out.

  3. I am currently looking to purchase a used Yamaha trumpet from a pawn shop near by. The model is YTR 2325 with a serial # of 03696 DA can you tell when and where this horn was made. Thanks.

  4. I have a Hawk trumpet with a serial number of JL52750. I am trying to figure out the model number and value. Anyone help?

  5. i just got a wfidip made in poland cole luxe trumpet. serial number 3538. can i get any info on what this trumpet is, year, quality, cost?
    thank you. much appreciated…

  6. I have a Conn Coronet that is at least 75 years old. I played it for 10 years and my Dad played it for at least that long. The serial # is 296252. I am trying to narrow it down to when it was made and it’s possible value. I think it was 1934?
    Thank you for any help you can give me.

  7. In have a trumpet serial no.22367 engraved on it is Oxford made in england by boosey &Hawks trying to find the value of it. In its original case brown with red velvet

  8. I have a La Monte Superior Trumpet serial # 85617, I am trying to narrow it down to when it was made and it’s possible value.

    Can you help me?

  9. My trumpet by A Courtois has the serial no. L 9923.
    I have been trying to track it on other sites but have had no success.
    I have owned and played it for the last 50 years so I would be very interested in any details the serial number shows up.

  10. I have a vintage Elkhart trumpet with a serial number #97848 and cannot find any information on this horn. Any suggestions or knowledge of this instrument?

  11. I have an olds ambassador cornet serial number 424502 can anyone tell me the year and about how much its worth?

  12. I’ve seen a “Bach 43” 474725 serial number but the kid won’t send me a picture of the bell logo. What is this trumpet more likely to be?

  13. I have 2 Selmer (Paris) trumpets:

    Serial # 7597 (Standard Model)
    Serial # 7395 (Balanced Action)

    If possible, could you tell me the age of these horns? (both in excellent condition)


  15. We just got a trumpet which has no model make any where but a serial number which is 304163. Is there any way how I can find out what brand it is and how old it is? Or the history of this beautiful instrument?

  16. I have a trumpet with no name on it. Looks like it was repaired and taken off. The serial # is 4306081 and is on the mouthpiece neck. Anyone have any idea what brand it might be?

  17. I have a trumpet with the word Vogue etched into it and the numbers, 195, 194, 193 and 11 under the 194? Could some one tell me who made this or something about it?

  18. I have a Stomvi Trumpet. Serial Number 9810599.
    Stomvi don’t show in your listings. Any suggestions where I can search for info on this instrument.
    Many thanks

  19. Hello, I have a Cornet that has been in the family for many years. It has the name “Steinmetz” on the bell and in the original case. My son stated that all of the parts are original as they have the same number on them – “213” . The case also has the same name on it. The other info. is Marshfield, WI. I have a picture of my great-grandfather holding it (he played in a band). The pict. is dated 1911. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

  20. I have an Olds Ambassador trumpet, Fullerton CA, Serial No. #353895….with mouthpiece and hard carrying case. Any idea the year of manufacture and approximate resale value?

  21. Hi, I have a cornet with ‘Corton’ stamped on it followed by the word ‘foreign’ in smaller writing. It has a serial number stamped on it too: 553746. Any info on this would be much appreciated.

  22. I have a Innovation trumpet serial # is P58207 and theres another number on the bottom 1655, can you tell me anything about this horn, the year and value, thank you

    • I have a Yamaha trumpet ytr 2335, the serial number is 630782.
      Could you please let me know how old is it? and how much is the market price for a good and very good condition?

      Thank you.

  23. Hi I have recently purchased a trumpet on a whim, for myself to learn, can you help me with the make? The numbers are 1 8562 3 thanks in advance Ted

  24. I have a Bach trumpet serial #594453 I don’t know what model it is. I’d like to find out please and thank you.

  25. I have a trumpet with the name ACADAMIE and ELKHART IN next to it
    SERIAL NUMBER 158774
    Can anyone tell me about this instrument? Thank you !!

  26. I have an old trumpet marked “CONVAIR MARK II MADE IN USA” Serial Number 89255. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!!!

  27. Hello I have a BS challenger II Elaboration 3178/2 in Bb
    Serial number 012602
    Do you know from what year?

  28. I have a trumpet with the engraving Bandmaster made in the USA serial number 1741 it has a vincent bach mouthpiece. Need some information on the value, thank you

  29. I have a Schilke MII Silver Trumpet with the Serial # 24512 and it is unlike any other MII models I’ve seen! In stead of using a Toilet bowl plunger, it has a modified thumb lever on the back that actuates a slide! What can you telle about this bite?

  30. Found a old trumpit behind my house in woods. It has the number 119922 on it and also has engraved on it F E Olds and sons and some other stuff but hard to read.

  31. Hey, I have a conn connquest trumpet with the k33232 serial number on it… any idea on it’s age or if its a 77b or not? I can literally find nothing about it… Thanks in advance!

  32. I have a Blessingtrumpet and I can’t locate the serial number . It says on the trumpet “BLESSING” then a signiture and then Elkhard (so?) IND . USA
    any help? Or prices ? I have pictures as well

  33. I have a Vega Standard Chas E. George silver trumpet with the Bb to A dial, small bore, serial 20373, hand engraved. I cannot find any information on this range of serial number. Most references list serials from 35000 and up. I haven’t been able to find any information on this trumpet, especially with the Bb to A capability. Any information would be welcome.

  34. I have a cornet my husband played in school in early 1960’s but I can’t find amything online about it. It has Adams Professional engraved on it. Serial number appears to be 101417. The man at the music store hasn’t heard of the brand and if wondered if it was made by HA Selmer Bundy (based on the design around the name). Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am having it cleaned for my grandson to use.

  35. Can anyone please help me with some info on this trumpet, please??? It is im a hard Bach case, and the mouthpiece has a 7C etched into it. Wh ere the mouthpiece goes had 1530 engraved in it. Then it has E84302 engraved or stamped into the middle finger valve. Thanks in advance for any help at all. I’m just trying to find any info on a trumpet that was in my grandparents garage. Not sure if it was his, or one of the kids, grandkids, our great grandkids. Thanks again!!!

  36. I have a J.R. LaFleur & Son Ltd. Made in England, serial number is HP 274330. Any information about it would be much appreciated. Cheers.

  37. I have a silver Bach trumpet with the following serial number on the second valve housing: A69423. What can you tell me about it? Thanks

  38. I have a trumpet with serial number beginning with a G but has no brand listed. Anyone have any information that could help? Thank you!

  39. I have a Bach soloist that I am trying to determine the value of. It is a silver trumpet with gold accents. The only identifying marks are the serial number located on the second valve. This number is 631328 and has ML stamped below it. I was told that it was originally purchased for $1700.00 but I do not know the exact year. I can not determine if it is a student, Intermediate or professional horn. Can you help me please. Thank you, June

  40. I have an Ambassador FE Olds & Son trumpet, also marked Fullerton Calif. Serial #255760. Anyone know what the value might me? I’m hoping to sell.

  41. I own a Bach Stradivarius trumpet serial NUmber 74393. ML Bore, Bell Model 37. I was the 2nd owner and I purchased t in 1976. I would like to know when it was manufactured. Thank you.

  42. I found a C.G. Conn Elkhart and engraved are the numbers. (2 * 169574)….I have absolutely ZERO knowledge of trumpets and brass instruments all together. It is in need of restoration. It has the from what I see to be the original green velvet lined wooden case. Inside the lid of the case has info on the place where I assume that this piece was purchased.
    G.H. Tieck
    319 S. Springs St
    Los Angeles
    Band Insts. Etc.

    Above is what the label says….

  43. Have a Bach Stradivarius Model 37
    Serial No.: 296778
    On Bell: Kuceul Bach
    not sure of Spelling, hand engraveI got it new in the 60’s plus 3 to 5 years
    I would like to know age and Value
    and where it was made. It is in great shape, serviced regularly, no dents.
    James Bill

  44. I have a Bach Soloist trumpet with Serial #367042. Marked made in USA. What is the value of this trumpet? I purchased it 2nd hand. Anything else about this horn? I think it’s an intermediate trumpet. Thanks!

  45. Hi I purchased an o,d looking trumpet with the name Kingston on the bell. It appears to be silver plated and has the numbers 1,2,3 on each valve and what I believe is a serial number 016957. Came in a very old case with red velvet inside and a mouthpiece with the name Martin Elkart on it. I’m trying to find out the age and value. It’s very old looking.

  46. My mother in law found an old Calvary trumpet made in Elkhart Indiana. Serial number 35867. Very old. Valves move but need cleaning. Valve springs are located onset the valves. Any information is appreciate. Please email me at

  47. I found a “Cadet” trumpet that has etched fleur-de-lis and multi-colored rhinestones on the bell as well as IN the bell. The only other info is Serial#555863. How do I find out what Brand it is…I haven’t found an actual Brand called “Cadet”

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