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TrumpetSearch has redesigned yet again to give you faster, more accurate, and inclusive results. Furthermore, the theme of TrumpetSearch has been changed to give mobile users a much friendlier experience.  The entire experience on both desktop PC's and mobile devices is one that is far easier and more enjoyable to use. These are by no means minor changes. If you were frustrated with the short-comings of the previous version, I urge you to give the new Trumpet Search a try. The new website is based on an entirely new and updated WordPress Platform. By working more closely with the eBay auction website, I have been able to fine tune the search engine to more closely match your search criteria. When you look for a brand, age, or type of trumpet, you can expect to find exactly what you are looking for without all of those extra, odd-ball items that some times get mixed in the search results which muddle efforts and waste your valuable time.  I have attempted to make it easier to search the many different categories of trumpets, horns, and accessories. The dual sidebar layout gives you quick access to the category of your choice. Most common and frequently used items can still be found on the top navigation bar. A few of you have made some suggestions of for new and old trumpet brands that should be added and I have listened to your requests. Additionally, I have added a few new categories to make shopping for trumpets here the most complete experience you will find anywhere on the internet. Enjoy the New Trumpet Search!

Vintage Trumpets


Spend more time vintage trumpets for saleblowing your horn and less time blowing your money and chance to bid on valuable, vintage trumpets.  There are still some great horns to be found at bargain prices. Don't miss out on the very latest bid action for vintage trumpets: Martin Committee, Conn Vocabell, Constellation, Olds RecordingSuperSuper RecordingVintage BachBuescherH.N. White. Also find those rare, valuable and hard-to-get flugelhorns and cornets. Don't be discouraged if what you need is not showing up on auction. Trumpets, Cornets and Fluleghorn collecting is a busy hobby and the inventory changes by the hour. So, check back soon and visit often. Oh, and if you're wanting to narrow down your search, don't hesitate to type the name of your horn in the Search Box, at the top of the page. You will find that is quick and easy to search for your horn as they have been sorted for you by most frequently-searched rare brand and model. Thanks for visiting Trumpet Search. Good luck bidding! One last thing, TrumpetSearch has now included a large selection of inventory from Amazon, so you don't always have to be placing bids on eBay to find new horns. 

New Trumpets

TrumpetsAre you looking for a New Trumpet? At Trumpet Search, you'll find the entire range of new trumpets, from student to intermediate to advanced to professional level trumpets. Brands like BachBessonConnBengeKanstulGetzenCecilio,SchilkeBengeMonetteEclipseTaylorare sorted under theNew Trumpets Category to make it easy to search for your favorite brand and model.


Used Trumpets

Used Trumpets For SaleThere are two ways to find Used Trumpets on Trumpet Search.


So, whether you are looking for that old trumpet from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc., or you know you want an old Bach, Conn, Martin, etc., we've made it easy for you to find what you want.

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9 thoughts on “Trumpet Search

  1. I have an oxford trumpet I believe made in England with the serial number that is 15815 does anyone know anything about it

  2. I’m guessing it’s a Boosey and Hawkes from the 1950s, made to compete in the U.S. Market!
    I have an Oxford trumpet stamped on the bell “Oxford…Made in England.” My guess is that I have an early Besson (in England) made trumpet because it has the stamped serial number 4405 on the 2nd valve casing. Also the bell stamping is much more elaborate than stamping I’ve seen on the Boosey and Hawkes Oxford trumpets.

    Can anyone help me with mine? Thanks in advance.

  3. I have an Olds trumpet with serial # 133799. Needs some work but looks to be playable. May I have information regarding year it was made, approximate value, etc??
    It also comes with a Bach Mt. Vernon 10.5-C mouthpiece.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  4. I have an Olds trumpet: Special, PE Olds & Son, Los Angeles, Calif., #124251, most lacquer is worn away… can anyone tell me what it’s approximate value is … I need to sell this item as part of an estate liquidation… thanks, George

  5. I have an old cornet i believe it’s from 1930’s to 1935.its an American standard it looks like it could b nickel plated i would like more info on it.the serial number is 13583

  6. I have a Boosey and Hawkes Sessionair B.B. trumpet . I bought this trumpet second hand ,probably in the late 60’s . I think it’s pretty rare and I believe only 60 of these lovely instruments were made.The serial number is LP 389663 .
    Does anyone know much about these and have any idea how much it’s worth?

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