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  1. Hi. This is a great site, and I appreciate the work it must have taken to create it. I did just encounter a limitation, and thought I should let you know about it–though I realize it may be something you’re already aware of. I was looking at Yamaha trumpets. If I sort from highest price to lowest, I can only scroll through to a low price of $2,495.99. But if I sort from lowest to highest, the highest priced item I can view is only $159.99. So nothing between those two extremes can be viewed. I assume it’s a matter of page limits imposed, or something similar, but of course I hope there is some way to address the issue. Thanks.

  2. I have a US CONN trumpet.
    The serial number is 453-1513.
    How old is this trumpet?
    What is it’s value?
    Where would I sell this?

    • I have a CG conn LTD cornet made in USA with no numbers and a Holton collegiate cornet #269872 made in USA I would like to know the year f both instruments.

  3. I have found what seems to be an old silver or silver plated trumpet it hat bohemia stamped near the mouth piece no other identifying marks other than on valve 1right side 109 is stamped and on valve 3 111 is stamped please help

  4. I was just curious why you wouldn’t include Blessing on your site? I find that they are among the best horns, super underrated.Thanks, Ed.

    • Ed,

      Thanks for the tip. The only reason is that it was a huge oversight on my part. I’ll have the Blessings up very shortly.
      Thanks again!


  5. I have a great condition La Blanc trumpet 707 sonic serial # 11272. cant find yr made ??? PS Valves like NEW value approx. ?????

  6. I have a totally refurbished 1945-46 Martin Committee Trumpet I am looking to sell. I have had it since I was in 3rd grade. Where’s the best place to sell it and is $4800.00 to low?

  7. I think I have Bill chases Trumpet and a few of his mouth pieces marked Chase. I also have some original sheet music to Get IT On. Could you direct me to the right person or give me a value. The serial number on the trumpet matches his.

  8. I have a trumpet or a cornet it reads BANDMASTER MADE IN THE USA SERIAL NUMBER 1741 NEED help finding out how old is it. Could this maybe be from the 1800s

  9. I have a Conn I learned on in the 1950’s which belonged to my teacher’s father. The S/N is 403873, which seems to indicate an 1897 manufacture. On the lead pipe is says 22B. Were there 22Bs from the late 1800s?
    1. How does one get a handle on the value?
    2. How does one sell something like this?
    3. If it is indeed that old, are there dealers for this instrument?

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