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Wayne Bergeron Famous Trumpet Recordings

Wayne BergeronWayne Bergeron is one of the most remarkable, complete all-around trumpet players in modern times. He can play everything and sounds brilliant while doing it. His range, sound and technique are simply astounding. Enjoy listening to Wayne while you shop for your favorite trumpets, including the very same brand, Yamaha, that he plays on his recordings.
It is exciting to think about how one day Wayne Bergeron was a star-gazed trumpet player who won the lead job for the legendary Maynard Ferguson, the man he probably idolized most of his childhood and teen years. And now he has become a legend all of his own - a thrilling trumpet player that any young aspiring trumpet player looks up to and admires.
I remember reading somewhere that Maynard Ferguson once said that Wayne Bergeron was one of the most musical 'lead' trumpet players that had ever played for him. This is quiet a compliment, but if you've listened to Wayne, it won't surprise you at all. Not only does he have impeccable technique, power, stamina, and range, but Mr. Bergeron is a tremendous jazz soloist who displays tremendous artistry when he plays. It is also amazing to me how versatile Wayne Bergeron is as a trumpet player. He can play straight music, jazz, or whatever else is put in front of him. I believe Wayne Bergeron plays Yamaha brand trumpets. You can buy the very same model he plays below.

My Favorite Wayne Bergeron Recording

If I had to choose the one recording that impressed me most of Wayne Bergeron, it is the ballad, You Go to my Head, on his Plays Well with Others Album. Ballads, to me, are what really define a trumpet players musicality and sound. His beautiful playing on this piece is simply breath taking. You must get the album if you really want to hear a great trumpet sound.


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