Trumpet Brands


Trumpet Brands

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Trumpets For SaleTo search for specific trumpet brands, please choose a selection from the menu on the left sidebar. You can also choose any brand of trumpet from the links in the paragraph below.  There are a number of companies making great, new trumpets. The only difficult part about finding the right trumpet could be that there are so many excellent brands to choose from.  Trumpet Search has categorized New Trumpets for sale by brand, to make it easy to find the best horn for you. Also, over time, the descriptions and explanations of each of these trumpets will be updated to help you make the right choice and find the right instrument. New and used trumpet brands for sale on auction is the way to go.  

Older Trumpet Brands

You will find older trumpet brands under the sections titled, Rare Trumpets and Used Trumpets. These older brands can also be found when you search for trumpets by year. I realize that by no means is this a list of all the brands of trumpets ever made. Right now, you will find 15 brands of new trumpets: B&S, Bach, Benge, Besson, Cecillio, Conn, Eclipse, Getzen, Kanstul, Lawler, Monette, Schilke, Taylor, Vento and Yamaha. I am certainly open to including other brands. If you know of a good trumpet brand that should be on this site, please email me: I also realize that from time to time, the trumpet brand you select will not show any trumpets for sale. When this happens, you are likely to see the following message,

No items matching the keyword phrase "(Lawler Trumpet, lawler c7)" were found. This could be due to the keyword phrase used, or could mean your server is unable to communicate with Ebays RSS2 Server.

This usually means that there are simply no trumpets available on eBay in this particular brand at this particular time. If you find that this is not the case, please email me and I will investigate it more closely.

Cornet Brands

After some hesitation, I have decided that cornets should be on this page too. If you search by best match, you will certainly see mostly trumpets in the first few pages. As you scroll, you will eventually find the cornets by brand.

 New Trumpet

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  1. No Selmer listings? Selmer Paris made some great horns.

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