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TrumpetSearch takes you back through trumpet making history, decade by decade, where you can locate the greatest trumpets ever made. 

used trumpetsIn many cases, the best, most playable trumpets are used trumpets. Some of the older brands of trumpets are made with impeccable fit and finish. Not to mention, used trumpets throughout the decades offer collectible, nostalgic value. If you find a quality used horn that needs a little fixing up, you can often save several hundred dollars over buying a new pro trumpet. Search for your favorite Used Trumpets by decade.

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7 thoughts on “Used Trumpets

  1. Have you ever heard of a trumpet by Crusader USA, with SN 53425? I have one in brushed silver, but I can’t figure out who made it, or when, or where. I have had this instrument since 1960, or so, and it was OLD when I got it.

  2. My trumpet from 5th grade in the mid 1960s is a Lafayette made by Couesnon in Paris. I think it was my Grandfathers. Serial # 62642.
    Wondering about it’s value. Thanks. D

  3. We have an Al Hirt Special for sale, made in Elkhorn, Wisconsin in the late 1960s. It was purchased at that time new and was played for about five years. It has been stored in a heated home since that time. It has been professionally valued at $400 – $450. If interested, please contact Peter or Cindy at

  4. We have a Cleveland 600 made in 1978. Has a dent and is tarnished. No mouthpiece but does have a case. Anyone know what the value would be? Please help!

  5. Bonjour , j’ai une trompette monette P avec l’œil oudjat sur le bloc piston , numéro de série 1901 . De quelle année est elle Svp ? D’avance merci

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